Hello, I'm here about the dog job

Meet Nelson Jordan, tl;dv's new 'Marketing Man' 🤞

So, tl;dv needs a new CMO...
Chief Meme Officer?

Anyone who's ever worked in social media knows that it's a fast-moving, ever-changing game...and that Napoleon Dynamite is a dated reference at best... 🤦

...and you need a Content Champion?

I increased Pyrex's organic traffic by 50% on a budget that was smaller than a Chihuahua in a corset.

I'm also a part of the top content marketing communities like Superpath, Top of the Funnel, DG's Marketing Group and CMCG, so you know I take this stuff seriously! 💪

(Want to hear how I've helped grow more than 80 brands? Book a call here

(Worryingly, I came up with that metaphor before I found the image. That's enough internet for today.)

...AND you want a Podcast Pro?

Luckily for me, I host, manage and organise the Working From Home podcast!

I've had the pleasure of helping more than 25 entrepreneurs, freelancers and online business owners share their story of how they went remote and showcase their expertise...and I release new episodes every week!

I'm starting to feel like tl;dv and Nelson Jordan could be a match made in heaven...how about you?

Let's get that call booked, pronto!

...but don't take my word for it.

Here's what some of the lovely folks I've worked with have to say about me ⬇️⬇️⬇️

“Nelson’s knowledge of digital marketing is brilliantly practical. It’s rare to meet someone who is as comfortable designing strategies to grow companies…as they are actually implementing marketing campaigns from the ground-up…That’s a rare mix to find!”
Shaaz Nasir, Director of Digital Transformation, Microsoft

“Nelson has an incredible sense of what can work, but it also able to judiciously experiment, test and think outside of the norm. His work has truly elevated the success of our clients. Anyone who has an opportunity to utilize Nelson’s talents will be greatly blessed and will soon recognize they are working with someone on their side”
Bret Williams, Ecommerce Maverick, Maverick Ecommerce

“Nelson helped me create the content for my homepage, and wow… I don’t know what I would do without him! He nailed the tone of voice for my content and helped me build a page that showcased my value and nurtured my audience. If you need help writing killer sales pages or landing pages, he’s your man.”
Liam Carnahan, Content Strategist and SEO Expert, Inkwell Content

“Nelson quickly got an excellent grasp of our (ABB's) product portfolio, bringing recommendations from the off to improve our reach and engagement. I've had the pleasure of recently working with him on a project for a client, where he really shined with his excellent copywriting skills, helping to bring to life and colour to their story. Overall I would not hesitate to work with Nelson again, and recommend you get in touch to see how he can help you“
Andy Sealey, Global Marketing Communications Specialist, ABB

Ready to have a chat?

'Grandma, what a lovely team you've built...'

Not to get all Red Riding Hood on you, but that is a fine bunch of people right there 😮

I know hiring is like bringing someone new into the family, so it's impossible to understate how important it is.

But if you feel like I might be a good fit (and from what I've seen of you and the team so far, I think it's likely), let's have a quick chat to get to know each other better 👈👈👈

Speak soon!

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